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Yoga Jaci Unveils Exciting New Offer on Its Yoga Towels

$5 off on the high quality towels that are now available in blue and purple


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/05/2015 -- Yoga Jaci a renowned brand has announced $5 off on its Yoga Towels that have already made their mark amongst users. What's more, these towels are now available in cool blue and purple colors besides the already existing gray one, to suit the specific tastes of users.

This Yoga Mat Towel from the company is known for some of its remarkable features that make a lot of sense for those into yoga. To begin with, it is extra long size of 24x72 inches, which makes it just perfect to be spread on a yoga mat. It ensures that yoga practitioners get complete comfort when they indulge in their favorite activity.

Users will also be pleased to find that this towel is made using top quality material. 100% premium microfiber materials are used in the making of these super soft towels that are skid free. Moreover it creates the towel super absorbent, which makes practical sense while doing a yoga routine. In fact, these towels are known to have brilliant water, moisture and sweat absorption qualities, which is a huge advantage.

These Yoga Towels from Yoga Jaci are ideal during Bikram Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Hot Yoga and Ashtang Yoga as well. They are known to be skidless and slip resistant even in damp conditions. That's a big confidence boost for yoga enthusiasts and beginners alike as they get the much needed stability on the mat. The towel naturally supports users as they try to achieve harder postures and techniques.

The specially designed towel by Yoga Jaci also has high quality edge stitching. It ensures that the towel doesn't fray easily and can be used for a long time to come. In fact, the towel from the company comes with a 100% risk free guarantee, which puts users' minds at rest about the quality.

The good news is that this towel can be bought in smart Blue and Purple colors besides the gray option that is already available. Importantly, one can use promotion code 5PR1DISC and get $5 off on their purchase of the towel. This special offer that amounts to 25% off on the cost of the towel is valid until 31st Oct 2015.

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It is a brand that sells original, high quality Yoga Towels that have a lifetime guarantee, which puts users' minds at rest.

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