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Yoga Pose Publishes New Range of Yoga Poses for Yoga Fanatics

Yoga Pose is an encyclopedic, visual guide to yoga poses that has added new poses to its directory, helping yogis discover new ways to make their bodies strong, agile and flexible.


Santa Monica, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/16/2014 -- Yoga is one of the most popular forms of exercise in the world, because it not only increases the flexibility and durability of the body but also helps to balance the mind, serving not only as exercise but as meditation as well. For those studying yoga at home however, they are limited to repeating the same poses from their videos without being able to progress. Yoga Pose is an online resource that overcomes that limitation, sharing poses and how to do them. The site has recently expanded its range of poses to give people even more challenges to try out.

The new yoga poses added to the site conform to their existing high standards, featuring high quality imagery of the pose and a detailed description of the pose as well as information on benefits and cautions, lessening and advancing the pose, muscle focus and sports crossovers for those in training.

The site enables yogis of all levels of experience to find, reference and share yoga poses of all kinds, from the most basic downward dog to the most advanced firefly. Every pose is described with English and Indian yoga pose names, and comes with a how to guide explaining the process of achieving the pose in a safe way.

A spokesperson for Yoga Pose explained, “Yoga, when practice correctly, is a lifelong pursuit that can create longevity in all who practice it. The truth is however that people tend to get bored when they plateau at a certain level, and wish to continue to pursue more advanced forms as they get comfortable with the basic poses. Our new additions will help them to do just that, with everything from basic to challenging poses that will work out different regions of the body and help people concentrate on strengthening problem areas, or reinforce their strengths.”

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Yoga Pose is an online directory designed to be a one-stop-shop for all yoga pose referencing needs. The site allows people to easily find poses online to try themselves at home, as well as helping people identify yoga poses by their English and Indian names, or share with friends to explain handily in conversation. For more information please visit: