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Yoga Practice Contributing to Olympic Gold?


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/17/2014 -- Rather than taking a much earned vacation to an exotic hotspot or relaxing at home, slopestyle skier Jamie Anderson plans on heading to a yoga retreat in Oahu to celebrate her gold medal win. She is among several Olympic athletes who credits a yoga practice with helping her score the esteemed award of a gold medal, and with good reason. A yoga practice has numerous benefits for both Olympic and traditional athletes alike.

Providing the body with a unique form of strength training in addition to improving flexibility, yoga can not only help strengthen and tone muscle groups, it can also enable quicker recovery from injury or even help prevent injuries from happening. In addition to this, yoga assists in teaching a person how to focus and calm their mind, enabling them to handle stress more appropriately and find peace in all situations – something that can come in handy during intense physical competitions such as the Olympics.

Many athletes credit yoga with helping them remain physically and mentally strong; in fact, the coed luge team competing in Sochi will be partnering with a rival competitor from India to gain stretching tips to assist them with their own competition.

Yoga is such a popular discipline and requires such unique type of strength that some have even suggested it’s a sport in itself. The United States Yoga Federation has petitioned to make posture yoga an official Olympic sport in future games. If they ever succeed, it’s possible we could see cross-culture competitions spring up that can both support and bring awareness to this extremely beneficial health practice.

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