YogaGro Expands Their Online and Offline Class Offerings to Meet Growing Demand publishes a new, easy way to become an expert in various yoga classes


Bushey, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2014 -- YogaGro invites yoga instructors to check out the courses the company now offers, courses available in both online and offline formats. YogaGro designed the classes to suit all requirements, and one can become a prenatal and postnatal, fertility, and Mum and baby yoga expert in a short period of time. Instructors find the courses fit easily into their schedule, thanks to the format of the classes.

"Instructors find yoga classes focusing on these areas continue to grow in demand, and the same is true for qualified yoga instructors. YogaGro training provides comprehensive courses online to help budding instructors obtain this training, in an effort to build a better living by improving the lives of others," Elinor Evans, spokesperson for YogaGro, explains.

Prenatal yoga helps to increase the mother's strength and flexibility, while preparing her body for the rigors of labor. In addition, yoga eases lower back pain and sciatica along with joint inflammation and swelling. The breathing techniques learned during yoga provide the mother with total mind and body awareness during the labor process.

"In addition to the above benefits, those making use of prenatal yoga classes discover they sleep better, their digestive system operates more as nature intended, and the blood circulation increases. Although pregnancy results in the birth of a miracle, it tends to be hard on the human body. Yoga works to relieve the stress the body is placed under, with outstanding results," Evans continues.

Postnatal yoga helps to restore normal breathing patterns in women, breathing patterns disrupted due to the pushing up of the lungs, rib case, and intercostal muscles during pregnancy. Yoga poses strengthen the muscles in the pelvic floor to reduce the risk of future problems, and yoga helps the new mother to relax, something many find they struggle to do with the demands now being placed on them. Asasna, or yoga poses, make use of the muscles in a controlled way, to prevent injuries, as new moms don't have time for healing either.

Yoga following childbirth relieves fatigue and stress and widens the chest and lungs to make nursing the infant more comfortable. Digestion improves, and the leg muscles become stronger. One added benefit of postnatal yoga is weight loss. Moms may find it difficult to take off the baby weight, yet yoga makes this a much easier task, as Evans points out. One may also choose to engage in a Mum and baby class, for those who don't feel comfortable leaving their infant with a caretaker.

Women trying to get pregnant find yoga helps them achieve this goal. Yoga decreases stress while increasing blood circulation to reproductive organs. In addition, men choosing to engage in yoga often discover their sperm count goes up, thanks to this reduced stress. Studies show the program works and can increase the likelihood of pregnancy significantly.

"Yoga instructors find YogaGro allows them to expand their class offerings. With so many benefits associated with yoga before, during, and after pregnancy, women will be flocking to the classes. YogaGro makes it easy for every instructor to obtain the necessary training, thereby allowing them to offer more classes and increase the client base and revenue," Evans declares.

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YogaGro provides the best training for yoga teachers, training designed to help yoga instructors develop their skills. Classes offered focus on prenatal and postnatal yoga, fertility yoga, and yoga for Mum and baby.