New Indie Sitcom "Yogaphiles" Stars Diverse Cast of Comedians Doing Yoga


Gold Coast, Queensland -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/13/2012 -- Actress Celeste Thorson (How I Met Your Mother, Jimmy Kimmel Live) premiered new indie sitcom “YOGAPHILES” as writer and director, August 2012.

Season one gets up close and personal with a quirky class of L.A. students that take life, love and yoga a little too seriously. Writer, producer and director, Celeste Thorson created YOGAPHILES to promote yoga and a diverse ensemble cast. YOGAPHILES explores pop culture, health, fitness, LGBT, ethnicity, sex and love.

“I feel like most people who do yoga have a great sense of humor and appreciation for life.” said director Celeste Thorson. “I’m so inspired by the physicality of yoga, its fun to showcase it in a sitcom through the eyes of these eccentric characters.”

YOGAPHILES follows five students that flock to a studio in Los Angeles for a weekly beginner yoga class. Their opinions and personalities clash, especially when new teachers and guest stars are thrown into the mix.

“Midas Touch” Episode one of YOGAPHILES can be viewed here: YouTube Yogaphiles Video

The seven episode series culminates in a heart-warming season finale with a guest appearance by Celeste Thorson. The multi ethnic cast highlights talent from Asian, African American and Hispanic minorities.

Mario Locke (Mo)
Hayden Shinger (Priyanka)
John R. Colley (Felix)
Zack Book (Nick)
Katherine Adams (Tara)

Andrea Carlise Rodriguez, Stephanie Maura Sanchez, Celeste Thorson, Jamie Tisdale, Elizabeth Pan, Stephanie Barboza, Evie Ryland, Malaika Butoyi, Caroline O’Neil, Shali Mals, Erik Troyer Skoog, Jeanette Schwaba, Shenelle Micola Eaton, Vernon Courteaux and Ashley Undercuffler.

WRITTEN BY: Celeste Thorson, Creator/Executive Producer
DIRECTOR: Celeste Thorson
GENRE: Comedy
Twitter: @Yogaphiles
Talent on Twitter:
Celeste Thorson @CelesteThorson
Hayden Shinger @HaydenShinger
Zach Book @ZBook
John R. Colley @John_R_Colley
Mario Locke @mariolocke
Dashama Gordon @Dashama