Yolis Pampered Pets Unveils Expansive New Collection

Wide range of top quality Pet Supplies now at consumers’ fingertips


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/12/2021 -- Yolis Pampered Pets has unveiled a vast collection of Pet Supplies, which has made it easier for pet owners to find the best products for their constant companions without digging deep into their pockets.

All pet owners understand the responsibility they take on when they bring their furry or feathery friends home. They realize that their pets bring a lot of joy and love into their lives and want to reciprocate it in every possible way. It also means taking care of their every comfort, making sure they get the best nutrition, and are always engaged. That’s the reason want to get their hands on different types of pet products without compromising on their quality.

But finding the best pet food, leashes and collars, Dog Toys can be a challenge. It can be a tedious and time consuming process that can burn a hole in shoppers’ pockets as well. Yolis Pampered Pets not only makes it easier for pet parents to source the products they need but also offers them at budget friendly rates. “We are mindful that pet owners want nothing but the best for their little angels. Our collection reflects superior quality at low costs,” says the Marketing Director for the store.

The collection of Pet Supplies at Yolis Pampered Pets includes everything from grooming products to nutritional items, leashes, toys and more. Some of the popular choices at the store include:

• Pet Grooming Glove – gentle deshedding brush glove, efficient pet hair remover mitt is available for $14.94.

• 1 pack of three blankets that are super soft with cute dot pattern and available in three different colors, are priced at $17.18 to $33.05.

• 2-in-1 oatmeal dog shampoo and conditioner, which is all natural and contains Aloe Vera, offers relief from itchy, dry skin costs $19.53.

• 2 pcs breakaway cat collars with bells, moons and stars pattern are adjustable and glow in the dark. They are available for $14.94.

• 2-Pet foldable dog crate that is comfortable for use at home and easy to carry for travel is priced at $48.83.

Yolis Pampered Pets has many other useful Pet Supplies in this collection that spells quality at affordable rates.

About Yolis Pampered Pets

The online store has become a one stop destination for pet owners, who can find a wide range of supplies that are high on quality and low on costs.

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