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Yoo Security Helps Fend off Ransomware Virus Attacks

Most of us have been troubled by virus attacks harming our computers. Recently, ransomware attacks of viruses claiming illegal activity and demanding an amount from the user has become the new money earning formula of the hackers. One needs to be careful and not to fall into the trap and use safety measures to manually delete such viruses from the system.


Colorado Springs, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/11/2013 -- The increase in the number of computer savvy individuals has led to a rise in the computer viruses created by hackers for money making. In the recent times, people across the globe have been facing threat of various viruses entering their system and resulting in corrupting the software. In various cases the Virus after entering the computer blocks it and displays a deceptive message claiming to be from an authentic cyber crime branch warning the user for an illegal activity and demanding a fine, failing to pay may lead to legal actions.

This illegal activity that is being displayed in the message includes downloading an exclusive file with copyright, watching porn especially child porn, participating in spam mails, etc. with a detail of under which article of law this act is punishable. The display of the message with pictures is so real that an innocent user is sure to get scared since an individual at one point of time or the other does download files that may be objectionable. One also wonders since the IP address is being addressed to and the computer stops working, the agency must be genuine.

To save ones’ skin from not falling in legal formalities, a user pays the amount varying from $100 to $300 immediately and in some time his computer starts working just fine. But actually, he has just made a payment to hackers those who have been cheating millions of people by creating such a virus that enters computer because of the unsafe use of internet especially downloading or opening spam mails.

Masquerading as police agencies the recent Computer locked virus in limelight have been Australian Federal Police Virus and International Cyber Security Protection Alliance Virus. However, there are websites those come in the rescue of people by providing adequate information on how the particular virus may have entered the system and how one can manually remove it. By following the simple instructions those are provided, an individual can restart working on the computer with ease without any threat of legal action or losing any amount.

Yoo security is an authentic service provider in the field of removing virus, spyware and malware from the system. Their experts are dedicatedly available round the clock to help the users across the globe to fix infected PC’s. Their services also include computer maintenance and data recovery. With their reliable services and excellent technical support, they have thousand of satisfied customers including individuals and organizations.

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