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Yoo Security helps computer owners to protect their computers from Internet threats like malware and other viruses.


Colorado Springs, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2013 -- With every achievement, hindrances comes and with everything good comes everything bad. The World Wide Web’s creation brought good opportunities for entrepreneurs, but it also brought about bad invitations to viruses. But the good news is that there is always something that stops these nasty pests from ruining computer systems. Yoo Security rains hail fire to all the viruses that the internet is filled with, especially those that are disguised as friendly applications.

One of the most infamous viruses that have caused panic to unwitting victims is the US Department of Justice virus. This is a PC virus also called the FBI virus. It's a ransom ware which blocks people's access to their computer screens, informs people that they are being watched and that every word they utter is being recorded unless they pay $100. This has frightened computer owners and it's not hard to imagine why. Another similarly nasty virus is the Australian Federal Police Virus which also claims victims to have broken Australian law and require them to pay a hundred AUD.

Yoo Security has manual instructions and software that rids computers of these terrifying viruses. Among other viruses that Yoo Security has experience in purging are the International Cyber Security Protection Alliance Virus scam and the Internet Crime Complaint Center Virus, all of which are scams threatening jail time if the payment of a fee is refused. Yoo Security has a professional chat support for these problems. For further information, visit their website at http://guides.yoosecurity.com/

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Yoo Security is one of the leading computer protection firms available online. They specialize in providing consumers with the necessary protection that computers need against malware, spyware, trojans and all the other viruses. They have a customer support helpline which is available 24/7. Yoo Security's helpline reaches all over the world.

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