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Yoo Security Spreads Awareness on Different Viruses

The rampant invasion of viruses and spyware has had people panicking. Yoo Security provides computer owners with the different viruses circulating the internet.


Colorado Springs, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2013 -- With the internet's world wide web of network, viruses can easily penetrate the common household computers with no difficulty. Viruses used to be so easily identified back in the internet's early blooming years but sadly, as the internet's existence grew into maturity for the past few years so did the negative forces of digital infections. Viruses are no longer immediately recognized but are well disguised. Most of which are not well known causing unwitting victims to panic and get frightened.

Yoo Security has solutions to offer people encountering virus problems with their computers. One of these disguised viruses is the Ukash Royal Canadian Mounted Police virus. It is an upgraded version of the Canadian Intelligence Service Ukash virus which locks computers as well as the data and files saved in computers corrupting every file saved. It requires a ransom or a forfeit to unlock the computers. There are other forms of Ukash virus that plagues personal computers all around the world, all of which requires a payment of at least 100 Euros or depending on the country attacked.

Yoo Security makes it a point to keep computer owners aware of these nasty viruses. Viruses such as the White Screen virus and the Cheshire Police Authority Virus are all connected to the government which is intended to cause panic to victims to effectively get the ransom they demand. Thankfully, the Cheshire Police Authority Virus removal is now possible without paying the demanded ransom with guides Yoo Security's help.

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