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You Can't Be Serious - Ghosts at NYC Flushing Meadows US Open Tennis Championship?

As NYC's gets ready to serve up the 2016 US Open Tennis Championship in Flushing Meadows Park they'll be a multitude of tennis loving fans along with some excited ghostly spirited fans all watching their favorite players compete and New York's own Ghost Doctors will be keeping score of both the tennis and especially the paranormal action.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/18/2016 -- The US National Tennis Center in NYC's Flushing Meadows for the next few weeks will become the hotspot for a heck of lot of activity -- both of a tennis and a paranormal kind says the Ghost Doctors (aka Dr. Pete and Dr. Stew) paranormal investigators and licensed NYC tour guides.

The Ghost Doctors who are known to lead fearless amateur ghost hunters on paranormal treks throughout some of New York's most iconic locations have had some past ghostly experiences in and around the Flushing Meadows US National Tennis Center. In fact, on past ghost hunting investigations they picked up some strange paranormal activity near the Arthur Ashe Tennis Stadium which they have posted on their website (

"We have been ghost hunting in NYC's Queens Flushing Meadows Park for quite some time and have encountered signs of paranormal activity within this historic park as well as the National Tennis Center itself," says Dr. Stew.

According to the Ghost Doctors Flushing Meadows National Tennis Center has been host to the US Open Tennis Championships since 1978. Moreover over this long period of time millions of people have watched some of histories greatest tennis champions play these courts. And it seems for almost four decades, the excitement, the drama and the love ( the tennis vernacular) have attracted quite a few spirits who just can't wait for the next big match.

So if some tennis loving fans happen to catch a fleeting ghostly shadow serving up a game or two at Flushing Meadows Park's US National Tennis Center -- who are they gonna call? Ghost Doctors, they just don't watch tennis!

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