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You Deserve a Break: Relax - Relate - Enjoy with New Digital Monthly "Women's Voices Magazine"


Indianapolis, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/22/2013 -- Every busy woman knows time is limited, and money can be tight in today’s world. It sure would be nice to take some time to yourself to relax without breaking the bank each month.

For the same cost as one large pizza a year, Every busy woman knows time is limited, and money can be tight in today’s world. It sure would be nice to take some time to yourself to relax without breaking the bank each month. Women’s Voices Magazine, a new monthly digital, offers an annual subscription of 12 monthly issues at $17.99.

That’s right, for the price of a cup of regular coffee per month, at $1.50 per issue, you can relax with a fun experience you will look forward to, just for you, each month. WVM offers a new vision in women’s magazines – a relatable one.

WVM is modern, informative, thought-provoking, and entertaining. The content was mapped with the everyday lives of real women in mind. WVM wants its readers to see themselves and their lives represented in the magazine.

Too often even the best women’s magazines overly highlight the lifestyles of the rich and famous and offer content many women do not really find relevant to their lives. Women’s Voices Magazine changes all that.

WVM features 45+ female columnists nationally on topics ranging from home and family to politics and economy to the many aspects of a woman’s life that shape and inspire them. The all column format is unique, and the presentation is created with beauty in mind.

The WVM columnists live in cities and towns all across the United States. They range from 23 to 50+, from single working class mom to seasoned executive, with columns encompassing the serious and poignant to the downright hilarious and fun.

There are ten interest sections in WVM – Home, Family, Life, Enjoy, Soul, Politics, Economy, Digital, Impact and Community. WVM is for women of all walks of life and backgrounds, from all income levels, of all ages and family descriptions. The WVM columns touch on all the many stages of a woman’s life.

WVM also invites its readers to participate in the WVM community by engaging them in answering monthly ‘My Voice’ questions for each of the ten sections posted on the WVM website and social media. Selected answers will appear in the magazine on the ‘My Voice’ pages that begin each section.

Executive Editor Brenda Krueger Huffman notes, “The WVM vision is to showcase the voices of women including those not normally heard in a women’s magazine. Some of the columnists are first time writers, and many are accomplished writers and bestselling book authors. They all embody the WVM mission of presenting content that is Insightful … Informative … Inspirational … Inclusive.”

Huffman concludes, “We are thrilled with the feedback we have received since our first issue in May. The comment we hear most often is, ‘You are right, there is nothing out there like this.’ Women are seeing themselves and their lives in the variety of the WVM columns and are having fun with it. They are excited to see the things they care about featured and discussed.”

About Women’s Voices Magazine
Women’s Voices Magazine is created and published by Women’s Voices Media, LLC. We strive to produce an affordable monthly pleasure that allows you to relax, relate and enjoy. WVM actively pursues the creation of a community that welcomes and encourages all people. We seek to provide a place to celebrate life and relate to one another. The goals of WVM are to offer insight, information and inspiration while creating an inclusive community experience. Our purpose is to bridge the generation gap, the wealth gap and the circumstance understanding gap, for we know most life themes, no matter how they play out specifically, are universal life themes for most people. We know we have more in common than not in life’s bigger picture, and we all do better when we come together as a relatable community.

If you would like more information on Women’s Voices Magazine, or to schedule an interview with Executive Editor Brenda Krueger Huffman, please call Women’s Voices Media, LLC at 317.844.4220 or send email to contact@womensvoicesmagazine.com