"You Lose Weight Without Dieting", New Study Shocks Weight Loss Experts


Long Beach Township, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/25/2013 -- A new study has weight loss experts buzzing with anticipation. In a recent study, 16 young adults who were all slightly overweight were given various does of green coffee bean extract.

Green coffee beans are fresh coffee beans which have not yet been roasted. The primary fat burning ingredient in the green coffee bean is Chlorogenic acid. The roasting of the coffee bean depletes the amount of Clorogenic acid thus robbing it of the primary weight loss component.

What foods help you lose weight may depend on obtaining the purest form of that food. The pure green coffee bean extract contains the Clorogenic acid necessary for weight loss. When the young adults comprising the study were given a full does of the green coffee bean extract on a daily basis, the results were impressive. The subjects of the study lost an average of 17.5 pounds within the 22 week period. This loss resulted in an over 10% loss in over all body weight.

What can you take to lose weight without exercise and dieting? The answer seems to be pure green coffee bean extract. The green coffee bean extract increases the metabolism while inhibiting fat absorption. The Clorogenic acid in the green coffee bean also promotes the production of increased body heat which may result in the natural burning of fat.

The green coffee bean study is perhaps one of the most significant weight loss discoveries in years.

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