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You Shop Italy Creates a One Stop Shopping Portal


Lugano, Switzerland -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/15/2013 -- When it comes to fashion, it can be hard to find all of the things that a customer wants from a single retailer. The dress might be Versace, but the best bag for the dress might be a Gucci and the best shoes may come from Prada. For customers shopping online this can be a major headache because it means going through several different international retailers and paying several different shipping charges. You Shop Italy, at, has innovated the process of online clothes shopping and their service allows customers to get the items they want without the hassles of shopping international retailers.

The biggest secondary cost of shopping online is the cost of shipping. To ship an item internationally, consumers often have to pay fees that approach the original cost of the item, and this makes buying internationally very expensive. With consumers no longer have to worry about paying multiple shipping fees. The customer is able to shop at whichever stores they desire, and all of the items that they purchase are sent to the central shipping facility at You Shop Italy. There the items are stored for up to thirty days, but they can be shipped whenever the consumer wishes. The benefit of this system is that consumers are able to get their items from all of the sites they purchase from sent in one large box, drastically reducing the cost of shipping.

Another major benefit of using is that consumers can shop all of the retailers in Italy through one portal. The browser add-on that consumers get when they register at enables the consumer to purchase from any store in Italy and have their items shipped to the You Shop Italy storage facility. This means an unprecedented level of access and freedom in online shopping for consumers.

The online shopping revolution was supposed to be a huge benefit for consumers, but the barriers that some companies put to international sales made the process very difficult. Consumers who use will find an easy to use, one stop service for all of their Italian fashion needs that takes care of all of those barriers.

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