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You Shop Italy Reduces International Shipping Costs


Lugano, Switzerland -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/15/2013 -- One of the first lessons that consumers learn about shopping online is that shipping costs are the secret costs that drive up the price of purchases and sometimes make driving to the store a better option than buying online. International purchases are even more notorious, because of the cost of going through customs and the weight charges that are associated with all international shipping. Youshop Italy is a clothing shipper that is changing the way that customers buy their international clothing items from Italy and ship them home.

Youshop Italy was founded out of necessity by a group of fashion conscious shoppers who were tired of the barriers put in front of international shoppers at Italian stores online. Most Italian clothing stores have online shops, but those shops are almost exclusively in Italian and they are notoriously difficult to navigate. The sites usually do not process international payments or credit cards, so consumers do not have access to the best stores that Italy has to offer. To counter these problems, Youshop Italy was formed.

To shop at the best clothing stores in Italy, all the consumer has to do is register a name and email address at and install the browser add-on. From there customers can shop through the website and find all of the clothing items that they so desperately want from Italian designers and make their purchases. This is where Youshop Italy proves to be very innovative. Since the online retailers often do not take international credit cards or ship outside of Italy, Youshop Italy makes the purchases on behalf of the customer, making the entire transaction seem like it originated in Italy. This allows consumers to get the Italian clothing that they want, without the hassles usually associated with shopping online. To reduce shipping costs, Youshop Italy allows consumers to store items in Italy for up to a month before shipping the items overseas. The more a customer buys, the less it costs per unit to ship, so by holding the items until a critical mass has been reached, consumers can control the cost of their shipping.

Online shopping is growing, and will only continue to grow with the internet. Youshop Italy makes the experience quick and easy for consumers, making international purchases of Italian clothing easier than ever before.

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