You Tube Channel Launches Video to Promote and Explain the New Trend for Cashback Sites


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/23/2014 -- Video Marketer Katie Heard announces the launch of her newest video, which explains the new trend for cashback sites whilst shopping online.

“I have just made a video called cashback sites as I think YouTube is an excellent medium to communicate, and it is becoming the preferred method for people to look up information and reviews, across all sectors” says Katie.

“YouTube is now one of the most popular search engines, and in my opinion, video does seem to be the wave of the future on the internet”.

“The popularity of video makes complete sense when you think about it, as a review for whatever product or service, does seem much more genuine when you can see a person talking and giving their review, rather than some faceless words on a website. Also, it is easier to sit back and watch a video. This format is also easier for phones, as it is so easy for anyone to watch and listen to a YouTube video on the go” adds Katie.

The latest video entitled ‘Cashback Sites’, explains the benefits of a cashback program, and demonstrates how one can save a lot of money on any online purchases.

“Most people do not fully understand how cashback programmes work, and because of this are missing out on the potential to save themselves at lot of money throughout the year. I have made this video to encourage viewers to sign up and start saving, as throughout the year, cashback earnings can really add up. It’s a shame for people to miss out on the financial rewards, just because they don’t understand how cashback works” says Katie.

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About Katie Heard
Katie Heard, is an online marketer who has always preferred to communicate through YouTube rather than websites, as she believes videos are more powerful than the written word. She has worked in the Marketing industry for 20 years, and started to make money saving videos on YouTube last year.

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