Young Actor Seeks Path to Arts Education for African Refugees


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/17/2013 -- Young adults face tough challenges, and yet an almost universal hunger emerges among this group revealing a desire to help those whose problems seem greater than their own. As an actor, singer and dancer, Andrew Burrill's breakthrough was singing at The MTV Video Music Awards - Michael Jackson Tribute, and as Tommy Pickles in the Los Angeles production of Rugrats, A Live Adventure. As a young man he turned to art as a way to cope with hard challenges.

Now Andrew Burrill will travel to Kenya to teach performing arts to refugees at the Olympic Primary School in Nairobi. One of the top primary schools in Kenya, The Olympic Primary School has taken on refugee students in an effort to give them one of the best educations available.

During his tenure in Nairobi, Andrew Burrill will create a series of monologues based on the accounts of his students, using his knowledge of acting and playwriting, titled, The Gospels Of Kenya. Students will learn that their life journeys, their own experiences fleeing war and brutality, can become stories of hope for others around the world.

The students will not only benefit from the Music and Theater skills that Andrew will teach them, but also take what they've learned and apply it to their community for years to come. The stories of these individuals need to be heard. The hope is that the monologues from The Gospels of Kenya will help to inspire, stimulate, and enlighten people from all ages that choose to read and perform them, as well as create a spark of renewal in audiences that view them.

Andrew Burrill has had his own experience with challenges and losses. Before he broke through as a performer both his mother and his brother passed away, while also having his house tragically burn down. He says of the recent loss of his mother, "I was caught off guard with the death of my mother, and with her passing I decided to take a break from Hollywood and come to Virginia and get back to my roots. I feel like this trip will be a further revival of my spirit, and an onward journey that needs to be taken to discover my purpose here."

Andrew Burrill has taken his own difficult challenges and invested himself in his education and art. He now seeks to help bring acting and playwriting to refugee students in Africa.

About The Gospels of Kenya
A two-week journey from Charlottesville, Virginia to the villages of Nairobi, Kenya to teach music and theater to displaced and refuged performing arts students in the Olympic Primary School district. More information about Andrew’s campaign to Kenya can be found at:

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