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Young Poprap Artist, Yung Dre Dre, Set to Dominate National Music Scene With Release of Latest Single

The 21 year old from South Carolina has already become an online music sensation. Now, his celebrity status is set to rocket to new heights with the launch of his latest lead single.


Jacksonville, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2012 -- For 21 year old Yung Dre Dre (born Antonio Simmons), life has certainly brought its successes. Signed to Time 2 Shine Entertainment, the South Carolina native has made his mark on the regional music scene by building a rock-solid social media following. Clearly set on a course for success, the young artist today announces the launch of latest single, RINGTONE.

Set for an official launch on July 10th, the single is poised to garner rave reviews among fans of his previous works and online mixtapes.

“I have a unique sound of my own and my fans seem to enjoy the music that they have received from me” says Yung Dre Dre, who has recently been rated #1 on reverbnation on the pop charts in his South Carolina area.

He continues, “RINGTONE is a very catchy and user friendly song that will grab anyone's attention.”

Grabbing attention is something that appears to come naturally to Yung Dre Dre. Thanks in part to the aggressive promotion and marketing he receives from Time 2 Shine Entertainment, the artist has proven that harnessing the power of the internet and social media can build a strong and loyal fan base.

“We all hope that the release of single will bring in more fans and create more awareness of the potential of young musical artists up and down the country” he adds.

Following the single’s official release, a National video and marketing campaign is planned, organized by Time 2 Shine Entertainment.

“We are committed to promoting and supporting the creative genius of talented young musicians. The vast appeal of Yung Dre Dre has been proven time and time again. We hope to make him and other great artists International celebrities” the company announces.

RINGTONE will be available through Amazon and iTunes from the 10th July.

For more information, please visit Yung Dre Dre’s Official Facebook fan page.

He can also be followed on Twitter.

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