Young Writer Immerses Readers Into a Fantasy World of Tyranny and Bloodshed


Alpharetta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/27/2018 -- BookLogix is proud to announce the book release of talented young writer Michaela Strauther, who seamlessly melds themes of tyranny, courage, and family into her riveting young-adult high-fantasy novel, Embers of Empire. Strauther is the fifteen-year-old winner of BookLogix's 2015 Young Writers Contest and resides in Georgia with her parents and four brothers. While Embers of Empire is her first novel, be on the lookout for future works as she kicks off her writing career by pulling readers into the world of Sathryn Bassira, a brave young woman grappling with the challenges of an oppressive and unstable society.

Sathryn lives in the wealthy region of Pomek, one of the six regions controlled by the Dragon Kings, ¬five ruthless brothers who show no mercy to those who oppose them. It isn't until her father leaves home one night to lead a rebel army against the kings that she realizes she has been sheltered from reality her entire life. After weeks of waiting for her father, Sathryn and her family must flee Pomek without him.

They escape to Deadland, a poverty-stricken region for those hiding from the kings. Sickness and famine lurk the streets and alleyways, and their new home is infested with dangerous, inhuman creatures. Everything seems bleak until Sathryn meets Julian Ajasek, a young rebel with a treacherous mission: kill the Dragon Kings. After a brutal attack separates her from her family, she decides to accompany Julian on his journey. Sathryn fi¬nds herself thrust into weeks of traveling, training, and plotting, and at the end of it all, she and Julian must storm Kings' Castle to fi¬nd her father and destroy the crippling dictatorship once and for all.

Readers young and old alike will be enchanted and enthralled with Sathryn's journey as she fights for her family and a better life. Strauther's Embers of Empire presents a world of magic and mayhem that you won't soon forget.

Embers of Empire is available on and The eBook is exclusively available on Amazon.

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