Youngevity Now Offers Free Shipping for Autoship Orders over $50+


Rancho Cucamonga, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/24/2014 -- Youngevity have just announced on their website that free shipping is now available for all autoship orders over $50. In addition, the company announced that the checkout process, already easy, has been simplified even further.

For many years now Youngevity products have helped health conscious people live and look younger. Now the latest medical findings indicate that their products, including nutritional formulas, gourmet coffees, essential oils and sports related products, do work.

As health experts have noted, sales of products that promote health, wellness and youthfulness have skyrocketed the past few years. Aside from those mentioned, pet nutrition, bath and body products have also appeared. But aside from their popularity, health products now have support from health experts who have come to realize their benefits.

There was a time when these products were considered unusual, but thanks to the efforts of Dr. Wallach, the US FDA now provides Qualified Health Claims for Selenium as well as Omega 3. According to a company spokesperson, there are several more products that are under development. All of this, says the spokesperson, is proof that the company remains focused on its goal, and that’s to help people.

As proof of their popularity, health and wellness products are now distributed throughout the United States and the world, with Dr. Wallach’s company distributing products through 70,000 business owners. And according to the company, they will always remain true to the vision of Dr. Joel Wallach, and that is help people make the best decisions concerning their health.

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This company was founded by Dr. Wallach to provide people with the means to live healthy lives. Today the company offers a wide range of consumer products such as essential oils, sports nutrition, gourmet coffees, and other services. For more information please go to

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