Youngevity Presents Famous Lecture from Dr. Joel Wallach


Farmington, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2014 -- Youngevity, the leading provider of nutritional and healthy products and services, recently hosted the famous lecture given by the esteemed health expert Dr. Joel Wallach. The lecture entitled Dead Doctors Don’t Lie can be seen in its entirety at the Youngevity website, as part of its efforts to continuously inform the public about the truth and the myths in the health industry.

The Dead Doctors Don’t Lie recording was the product of many years of exhaustive research regarding health and longevity. The research revealed many hidden truths about health and the mainstream medical community. Dr Wallach discovered, as part of his research, that the average lifespan of a doctor in the US is actually several years shorter than the average person who did not care at all about healthy food and vigorous exercise. Obituaries were then collected of doctors, and it was revealed that many of them were dying due to nutritional deficiencies.

The research revealed at least 5 groups of people whose average life span exceeds 100 years. One of the more surprising findings is that US farmlands have been depleted of essential minerals since 1936, which have led to nutritional deficiencies even in “naturally” grown food.

The doctor has published numerous books on dietary deficiencies and the effects they have had on society. He also conducts approximately 300 lectures annually.

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Youngevity is an online company that aims to educate their customers about the real truth behind the health industry today. They offer various products which have proven to be safe and of high quality. These products include nutritional formulas, gourmet coffees, makeup, bath and body items, and even pet nutrition. The company was by Dr Wallach in 1997. More information can be found by visiting

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