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“Your Austin Injury Lawyer” - Uvalle Law Firm Launches New Website


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/26/2011 -- Uvalle Law Firm based in Dallas, Texas announces the launch of their new website. Clients can find valuable information regarding an Austin injury lawyer and other services from the Uvalle Law Firm by visiting this website.

Each year thousands of people are involved in automobile accidents that lead to hospitalization, long term injury and even death. The staff at Uvalle Law Firm are focused on providing justice for injured parties who need an Austin personal injury lawyer. With years of experience living and representing clients in and around the Austin, Texas area, principle attorney Michael Uvalle knows what it takes to win a case against other drivers after an accident.

Of the thousands of people involved in automobile accidents each year, many fail to pursue further justice for their injury. A serious car accident can mean time off of work, continual health problems and mounting medical bills during a hospital stay. Insurance companies only cover a small portion of these overwhelming expenses. Anyone involved in a car accident should consult an Austin car wreck lawyer to find out how they can get what is owed to them after an accident.

The new website, YourAustinLawyer.com, has been launched by Uvalle Law Firm to provide clients with valuable information on what to do in event of an accident. The Austin auto accident lawyer that is chosen will hire expert witnesses to testify on your behalf during a court hearing. The goal of any lawyer is to work for the best possible outcome for their client. More information on the benefits and things clients should know about automobile accidents can be found on the new http://www.YourAustinLawyer.com website.

About Uvalle Law Firm
The law office of Michael D. Uvalle serves clients in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, El Paso and San Antonio. Clients can contact the company for a free consultation regarding their need for a personal injury lawyer. The Dallas, Texas based company covers consumer law, work injury, construction accident, unfair debt collection, employment law and family law. Find more information visit the website at http://www.YourAustinLawyer.com. For more information on YourAustinLawyer.com visit the website or contact Adam Campos via email at adam@youraustinlawyer.com or phone at (888) 817-4074.