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Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2013 -- It is silent and invisible. It surrounds our world. It is called Electromagnetic Radiation. In today’s world we are encircled by different types of technologies and electronic gadgets. Many are still unaware of the side effects of these devices and how fatal they could be for a human being in the long run. To counter these harmful EMF radiations people need EMF protection. Now the question that arises here is how can one stay protected or at least minimize the effects of EMF? Your Energy Therapy has the answer. Their EMF shielding products are used to resist the effects of harmful EMF radiations and are therefore high in demand.

Apparently, the side effects caused by these electronic gadgets are very hard to diagnose. In fact, the effects can’t be noticed with naked eyes and neither too quick to recognize, which makes it a silent predator.

Children, pregnant women, and highly electromagnetically sensitive individuals are the most vulnerable to electromagnetic radiations. Having said that, radiation isn’t the major cause of all the problems but electromagnetic radiation is highly associated with diseases like brain tumors, breast cancer, asthma, eye cancer, autism, leukemia, etc., and one should really resist and minimize the chances of carrying such disease. EMF devices from Your Energy Therapy provide maximum protection from all sorts of radiation emitted from different electronic devices that people use in their daily routines.

Scientists estimate that people of this era are exposed to different types of EMF that are 100 million times more harmful than people who lived 50 years back. That’s exactly why one should really think about going for Your Energy Therapy’s products to minimize the deadly effects caused by radiations emitted from electronic devices.

Undoubtedly, one of the most used electronic devices of the present age is a cell phone, and very few people are aware of the radiations they emit. The radiations that are emitted from mobile phones can harm molecules and cells present in a human body that goes on to affect the ability of a human being to respond. In other words, it affects your brain and finally ends up making a human body a breathing corpse. That is where phone radiation protection comes into play. Your Energy Therapy also has such products that can help an individual minimize the radiation emitted from mobile phones.

Wi-Fi is another technological advancement in today’s world that poses serious threat in terms of EMF radiations. People who are electromagnetically hypersensitive could suffer from wide array of symptoms by just entering into a Wi-Fi equipped coffee shop. Your Energy Therapy products are highly recommended for anybody who uses Wi-Fi on their electronic devices throughout the day.

However, if one still holds any doubt about what Your Energy Therapy has to offer, then probably a less than 2 minute video on the website might help clear all that.

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Your Energy Therapy has the most effective, strong, and affordable EMF protection devices to help individuals live a life without worrying about exposure to harmful EMF radiations.

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