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Your Shower Curtains Provides Detailed Information About Curtains and Types of Rods


Newark, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2012 -- Your Shower Curtains ( is announcing publicly today that the mega-resource shower curtain and rod website has expanded and added more helpful advice including buying advice, cleaning tips, prolonging the life of the shower curtain, and accessorizing.

Robert West, media contact, was asked how the development of the website came about. "Shower curtains are one of those items that people use everyday and often have questions about care and the different brands as well as how to select a 'good' shower curtain. We found that many sites offer some information but we wanted more details and so we decided to do it ourselves and wanted to share our findings, so we started the website - we actually began with much less information, but the site continues to grow! Shower curtains and rods are nothing like they were many years ago when their only purpose was to provide privacy. Today, shower curtains and rods are part of the bathroom's decor."

Asked about some of the popular shower curtains and rods on the site, Mr. West said, "A very popular shower rod right now is the Sloped Ceiling Shower Curtain Rod, it looks fantastic in the right setting, but it may not work for some people due to the way their bathrooms are designed. We have a detailed article outlining all a consumer needs to know before buying one. Two popular brands of shower curtain that we give details about on the site include Springmaid Chantal Shower Curtain and Kate Spade Sandpiper Shower Curtain. Visitors can find tips on how to properly select the best colors and design for their bathrooms, cleaning the shower curtains, and making the shower curtain last longer."

"Your Shower Curtains is purely an informational website that offers more than just the stats on products, instead, visitors find a resource guide that helps answer questions about shower curtains and rods. We offer design scenarios for different bathrooms as well as accessorizing the shower curtain, which creates a sort of oasis in your own bathroom. What's nice about the varieties of shower curtains today is a person can literally make the shower curtain 'make' the bathroom, so-to-speak. A new shower curtain is a quick way to give a bathroom a completely new look", said Mr. West.

Any future plans for the website was also asked. "Absolutely! We plan to continue adding more brands and more useful in depth information on the different shower curtains and rods consumers can buy. The bathroom section in a department store can be overwhelming when all the shower curtains are hanging together since it is not going to look the same in a small enclosed bathroom as it does in a department store. We want to be the 'go-to' site for everything to do with shower curtains and rods, be it what brands to buy, cleaning, decorating tips, accessories, purchasing and everything in between", Mr. West concluded.

About Your Shower Curtains
Your Shower Curtains developed out of a frustration with the lack of detailed information on the Internet concerning shower curtains and rods. The site has grew from that frustration and continues to offer more insightful information so that it truly has become a resource guide for the consumer.