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Your Unsafe Home May Not Be Your Fault: The Accident Team Comments


Doncaster, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/23/2015 -- According to a survey of housing tenants by the firm AXA Business Insurance, up to 71% of landlords have not yet installed carbon monoxide detection alarms in their properties. These are potentially shocking statistics, implying that the vast majority tenants could be in a position of enhanced risk in their own homes.

A good carbon monoxide alarm is so important, as the gas is extremely difficult to detect otherwise, being colourless, odourless and tasteless. It is extremely dangerous in high concentrations, circumstances which fortunately occur rarely in UK homes. However, in the case of a faulty boiler or plumbing leak, for example, carbon monoxide can be released. When inhaled it can quickly cause drowsiness, respiratory problems and can even lead to death due to its poisonous properties. The risk is considered particularly high in homes heated by solid fuel. With a number of UK fatalities and serious injuries every year as a result of carbon monoxide, the need for homes to have the appropriate methods of prevention and detection is thus essential.

Tenants have a right to be properly protected whether from carbon monoxide or other dangers in the home. The survey of 500 tenants by AXA Business Insurance also revealed that 54% of those interviewed did not have a fire alarm installed yet in their property and 43% had not received a gas safety check though their landlord.

The Accident Team, a group of personal injury experts, was quick to comment on the issue and offer support:

"The survey highlights how common it is for tenants to have inadequate health and safety provisions. All tenants should feel safe in their home. Many have excellent relationships with their landlords. Many landlords wish to do the right thing for their tenants but may not fully aware of their responsibilities. The law provides protection for tenants which some landlords are unable or unwilling to provide. If you are in landlord managed accommodation and believe that you are in a position of risk or have been in injured in circumstances which were not your fault then you are entitled to legal support. Here at The Accident Team we offer comprehensive advice to help those affected."

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