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You're Not Stupid Publishes New Insights on No! No! Hair Removal


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/12/2013 -- Consumers are put under more pressure than ever to make the right decisions on the products they buy due to the incredible amount of advertising that saturates every medium of communication. These commercials however often do not represent the reality of the products they try to sell, and so consumers are left unwilling to trust the major source of information they have on new products. You’re Not Stupid is a user review site posting content on many of the products advertised on TV, and have recently release an in-depth insight into No No Hair Removal.

The review looks at popular hair removal product No No Hair Removal, providing a home-based alternative to waxing that promises to be more effective than shaving. The epilator is suitable for legs, underarms and face, and promises to have paid for itself over the course of what would have taken four waxes to achieve.

The No No Hair Removal review takes the form of a categorized high quality original editorial comprising an introduction to the product by a real user, who explains how it works, the advantages and disadvantages, and ways consumers can cheaply buy the product should they so choose, before concluding with a recommendation based on the user’s experience. The review sees the pros far outweigh the cons, including advantages like causing less irritation than other methods, and causes thinner hair growth over time.

A spokesperson for You’re Not Stupid explained the success of their format, “The big trend that has occurred over the past few years is that very few people now make a purchase without first checking out what other buyers have to say about the product. Amazon and Ebay both have mandatory review systems for products, manufacturers and distributors but at the same time, a lot of that feedback is poorly written or about specific circumstances that don’t affect the potential buyer. By getting professional reviewers to check out the products and give fuller insights than are readily available, we’re finding that this quality over quantity analysis is fulfilling the needs of consumers.”

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