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You're Not Stupid Releases Game Fly Review Offering a Free Trial and Discount Codes


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/12/2013 -- Advertising is ubiquitous in modern society, with the streets and buildings saturated by billboards and the television showing more commercials than ever. However, for all the billions of dollars poured into advertising, much of their time their aim is not to accurately represent a product to consumers but to idealize it. For consumers who wish to find a more realistic depiction of the products they see on TV, You’re Not Stupid is a website posting actual high-quality user reviews that cut through the silver mist.

The latest review they have released on the website is for GameFly, a service promising users rental games posted to them at their request. Users can opt for one or two games at a time from the service, and simply post the rental copy back when they’re finished playing.

The review also includes a GameFly coupon code so that users who choose to opt in to the service can make significant savings. The review talks users through how the service works, whether the service really has the games users are looking for, whether it will save users money in the long term, a review of the customer service and support teams, a list of supported gaming platforms, advice as to which service offered is superior, and a conclusion which includes access to a free trial.

The site also has reviews published for other major products and services aimed at young adults including stream clean, instabulb and the ninja cooking system.

A spokesperson for You’re Not Stupid explained the intention behind the reviews, “Hard selling is everywhere, and nowadays it’s easy to get cynical towards TV adverts or even avoid them online using a service like AdBlock. So we identified that there’s a definite need for anecdotal user reviews that are easy to read but professionally produced, taking individuals through all the necessary factors that might influence their decision. With the kind of insight we provide they can make that decision with confidence and get the most out of the services offered.”

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