Intra Realm Explores the Fat Loss Factor


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2014 -- reviews the potential and success of the fat loss factor program, discussing how it works, what the program actually consists of, what the pack will include, what the pros and cons individuals can expect to experience are, and what customers should look out for when purchasing.

Starting with a period of detoxifying the body, the fat loss program is scheduled to run for a period of approximately twelve weeks, helping clients to ensure that all of the harmful toxins within their body that might stop them from losing fat are completely eliminated through the process of eating healthy. Individuals on the program will be introduced to a diet of organic foods such as beans, raw nuts, seeds, vegetables, and fruits. The Fat Loss Program claims that by the end of this period individuals should begin to experience more strength in their immune system, as well as fat reduction, higher energy levels and less overwhelming cravings to seek out snacks.

In regards to the pros and cons that the fat loss program has to offer, the website states thatthe program has been used and approved throughout the world due to its commendable coverage and use of helpful facts. People using the weight loss program are not asked to place their faith in any mystical cures or tablets that may have negative side effects, rather the product centres on cleansing the body, removing anything that may slow down weight loss or cause underlying health issues. gives readers the tools needed to shed excess pounds and lose fat. A comprehensive pack that enables individuals to recognize the possibility of achieving their dream body, Dr Charles Livingston has created a guide to weight loss that is based purely on tried and tested scientific facts, convincing customers that they will only receive the very best results from all of their hard work.

About seeks to inform individuals about the numerous methods on the market that claim to assist them with losing weight and keeping that weight off. Particularly concentrating on the fat loss factor, the website aims to discuss and educate readers about the health and nutrition program that has been carefully put together by a highly accredited nutrition and fitness expert, Dr Charles Livingston.

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