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YourKefir Promotes Healthy Drinking from the East


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2012 -- Kefir is a fermented-milk drink that originated in Turkey, and is made using Kefir Grains. It has been a popular drink for centuries with the people of Eastern Europe and the Near East. It is said to benefit digestion and is considered the first “probiotic” drink, which have now exploded in popularity as health consciousness grows and digestion becomes more prominent in people’s minds. It’s texture is like that of thin yoghurt, and it carries a strong, distinct flavour.

Your Kefir Source is a website recently set up to provide Kefir Grains and water Kefir Grains to allow people to ferment their own Kefir at home. The website has brought together everything one might need to make Kefir in order to promote the drink as an aid to good health and digestion.

The website has a store, in which you can buy the Kefir grains, and all the equipment consumers might need to get started making Kefir, from plastic mesh strainers, glass jars, and other similar cultures like kombucha if more advanced Kefir creators wish to experiment.

From the menu bar, consumers can now investigate the properties of Kefir and how to make it. The process is relatively simple, and is explained in full on the website via their unique video course, which offers the methods needed to create the drink and its benefits.

The site goes into detail describing the conditions that can benefit from drinking Kefir, including those with high blood pressure, arthritis and diabetes.

Giselle, spokesperson for Your Kefir Source, explains, “You usually just see finished Kefir in your grocery store. This has already been processed and probably pasteurised, robbing you of a lot of the goodness and preventing you from making more yourself. Kefir grains on the other hand will reproduce during the fermentation process and will last you a lifetime. You can make it in your home easily. You can also give it flavor or mix it up with your shakes and smoothies!”

The website even offers blog posts on the many versatile uses of kefir, wheatgrass products, forums for Kefir enthusiasts to discuss their usage, recipes and more, and the opportunity to sign up and be introduced to Kefir over a three day course.

About Your Kefir Source
Your Kefir Source provides Kefir Grains for developing cultures with which to make Kefir, a fermented-milk drink and probiotic used as a digestive aid in many parts of the world. For more information please visit: