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Rochester, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/08/2013 -- According to a study conducted by Neilson in 2012, 70% of all consumers trust online reviews of products and services, an increase of 15% over the last four years and second only to personal recommendations. Therefore, according to Andrew Wroblewski, spokesperson for YourProfitWeb, an online reputation management company in Rochester, it's imperative a company with an Internet presence control and maintain what others think about their company. Says Wroblewski, "Your reputation is not what you think, but what others think."

Wroblewski continues, explaining, "If a customer believes a certain mass merchandise store mistreats their employees, for instance, they will be less inclined to shop at that store. Just as large businesses can gain or lose customers through boycotts or "buycotts", so can a local business. The impact of reputation, however, is greater on a small business than a large one."

Perception is everything, says Wroblewski. He points to studies that have shown customers often base their purchasing decisions on perceptions, rather than facts. "On the Internet, a single misleading comment or negative report can quickly become "true" in the eyes of those who are looking for a business. Successful reputation management and marketing is a necessary business tool for every business, large or small. The current legal climate can make challenging damaging information very difficult, so the prudent businessperson makes sure that the information that does reach the Internet is factual."

Another recent studied revealed almost 80% of the people surveyed said they will do online research before choosing to purchase a product or service. Wroblewski commented on this statistic, saying, "If one of these people sees your business in a negative light, through blogs, review sites, or social media, do you think they will choose to use your business? Of course, they won't. Having an online reputation marketing and management company protecting your business benefits you by insuring that potential customers see you as you want to be seen on the Internet."

Wroblewski explains they see a number of clients who want to improve their search engine rankings, design mobile apps and design mobile websites, but increasingly they are seeing an increase in customers who want to maintain and control their good name. "Consistency is very important for credibility. Outdated information, or inaccurate information, can make your company look inconsistent, and can damage your credibility, if it isn't removed. Part of online reputation marketing is making sure your company brand presents a trustworthy, reliable, and credible image, especially in relation to social marketing. A consistent, positive company brand inspires trust in your potential customers as well as your current customers. Having the right online reputation marketing and management company working with you insures that your company receives the attention it deserves in the search engines and on social sites."

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