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YourProfitWeb Launches Reputation Management Services to Combat Negative Reviews

Reputation Management Helps Counteract Negative Aspect Of Online Marketing Effects


Rochester, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2013 -- Internet marketing is perhaps the most effective tool available to small business owners, allowing those who once were only able to reach hundreds of local customers to now reach the public on a global scale. Consumer statistics indicate a strong online presence can boost a small business's web traffic by almost 200 percent; however, one negative review from an unhappy customer could be detrimental to a company's reputation. At least 50 percent of small business owners feel they would be unable to counteract the effect of an adverse review within the crucial first 24 hours after being posted. In an effort to help business owners formulate a plan to combat such situations, YourProfitWeb has launched their online reputation management services.

Andrew Wroblewski of YourProfitWeb confirmed, "Online marketing and management covers establishing a company's online presence as well as controlling their image once they reach the search engine status they're hoping for. While unhappy customers of the past would tell 15 or 20 of their of their friends about their negative experience, online marketing has enabled a resentful patron to spread the word to millions. Since potential customers are much more likely to believe a single negative review than they are to take several positive ones to heart, successful reputation management is more crucial than ever."

Though reputation is an important aspect of businesses of any size, the world's multi-billion dollar corporations can afford to withstand the impact of a drop in sales resulting from naysayers much more readily than small businesses can. A 1 percent drop in sales for a widely recognized business can easily be regained in a short time whereas the same loss could put a small company out of business. The lack of legal statutes currently in place regarding online slander makes it difficult for any company to effectively implement damage control efforts once harmful information has gone public; therefore, the benefits of managing such issues before they affect sales can be invaluable.

Wroblewski concluded, "Studies show 75 percent of customers don't believe companies' advertisements, so the majority of their marketing money is wasted. Our reputation management services are a crucial component in the long term growth of businesses. We help our clients establish their brands through our website and mobile site development, search engine optimization, custom app development, social media marketing and our wide range of other services; we help them maintain their status with reputation management."

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