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YouTooRank Offers Cost-Effective Video Marketing Solutions

YouTube’s algorithm change now ranks videos based on the amount of time viewed, and YouTooRank is perfectly built for that change


Cedar Rapids, IA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2012 -- A recent study from Google showed that the amount of user engagement on text vis-à-vis media is significantly skewed in favor of the latter. Owing to ever-increasing broadband speeds, and the availability of high definition content on mobile devices, the percentage of people who’re engaging on streaming media has seen a sharp spike. And this is a trend that is not likely to abate in the coming years.

YouTube, now the world’s second largest Search Engine after Google, reports that there is over 4 billion hours of video uploaded onto YouTube each month! That makes it about 72 hours of video each minute! Amazing, huh?

A lot of businesses use videos on YouTube to promote their products and services, and to engage with their audiences. However, in the recent update that YouTube did on their algorithm, they’ve increased the importance given to ‘Time Watched’ when ranking videos. So effectively, that means a video which is watched for a greater amount of time will be automatically ranked higher than the competition. And for a lot of businesses, that did not augment well, as the hundreds of hours they spent on creating and promoting their videos suddenly went down the drain! While there are several video marketing services online that help promote a video and get additional viewers, there was no exclusive service that helped in engaging a viewer for a longer period of time – like YouTube now wants.

YouTooRank, launched by well-known Black Hat World moderator BigBuddy, is probably the first video marketing service of its kind – which actually helps boost the time viewed on a video’s statistics. BigBuddy mentions that they’ve come up with a unique process, through which the video doesn’t just get additional hits, but each hit also translates into time spent viewing the video.

He also adds that they’ve managed to fine-tune the process to a level wherein the packages start at just $9.99.

A company spends several hundred dollars per video showcasing their products or services, and according to YouTube’s new rule, their video won’t come up above the competition till the time viewed is significantly higher. And that makes YouTooRank quite indispensible.

The service is currently being offered exclusively on BlackHatWorld at YouTooRank, and BigBuddy can be contacted on