YouTube Censors Christian Author


Palm Coast, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2013 -- Christian blogger James Paris began receiving inquiries from individuals in February about a company called Profitable Sunrise. Paris began an investigation into the company, which promised investors more than 2 percent per day in interest. As a result of the Paris investigation into Profitable Sunrise, twenty states and four provinces in Canada have issued either cease and desist orders or warnings to investors.

Individuals with ties to Profitable Sunrise have made mass complaints to YouTube about the James Paris investigation. The complaints have resulted in Paris' investigative videos being removed from the YouTube site. "Honestly, I am in shock that YouTube will not support investigative journalism. I believed that freedom of speech was a foundational principle of the platform. I have had a YouTube channel for several years and have had no issues with my account or my videos until I began the investigation into Profitable Sunrise," said Paris on Wednesday evening from his Palm Coast, Florida office.

Paris has challenged the censoring of his videos but says he has not even received a response from YouTube. The entire investigation of Profitable Sunrise can be followed on Paris' blog. Paris said, "For now, I am hosting the videos directly on a server we are leasing and will continue the investigation without the ability to use YouTube."