YouTube DUI with Death Confessor Sentenced to Six & a Half Years in Prison


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2013 -- Matthew Cordle, a 22 year old who had confessed on a YouTube video that he was driving under an influence on June 22nd and had killed 61-year old Vincent Canzani, was announced a sentence of 6 and a half years in prison with a lifetime suspension of driving license.

Victim’s daughter expressed her loss by saying that the “Full sentence of 8 and a half years is nothing”, compared to the death sentence her father got. Canzani’s ex-wife through a letter which was read in the court said “Vincent would not want to see two lives lost as a result of the incident”, and she believed that Matthew was sincerely sorry.

Matthew hopes that his confession and surrender to the authorities will give “some measure of closer”, to the family and will further stress the importance of how deadly and devastating driving under influence can be.

If the incident took place somewhere else other than Ohio, Matthew’s sentence could have been a lot more. States like Nevada have a much stricter ruling when it comes to DUI. Las Vegas DUI Attorney Adam Vander Heyden, who has extensive experience in similar cases, informs that such a vehicular homicide could have easily led to a much longer sentence in Nevada.

Matthew had admitted that he had previously driven a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and shared his thoughts on a statistic of first time DUI offenders, “I think the bad statistic is that first-time DUI offenders drink and drive 80 times before they get caught, and that is definitely a category I fall under. I can't believe I didn't see something like this coming.”

The Las Vegas DUI Lawyer Atty. Heyden further informed that even though the term of the sentence will be a point of discussion amongst former & present victims of DUI and lawyers, it is vital that this incident creates an awareness of the possible dire consequences of driving while intoxicated.

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