Youtube News - a New Method of Getting Paid Uploading Youtube Videos Goes Viral


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2013 -- Youtube is one of the most popular websites on earth with more than 1 trillion video views per year and over 1 billion videos uploaded daily, Youtube makes billions in revenue while its users make nothing for doing all the work and providing all the content by uploading and watching all the videos.

Now thanks to a revolutionary new project called TubeLaunch it is possible to get paid to upload videos to Youtube and make alot of money doing it, this is a brand new, hot opportunity that is earning a large income for all the people who try it, anybody can do it and start to make money online right away by doing what millions of people are doing all the time anyway which is uploading videos to Youtube. Create an account using this link

How is this possible? Its quite simple, since Youtube is one of the the busiest websites on the internet it has become the best way to get exposure and powerful free advertising for big companies and right now, millions of these multi-million dollar companies want to reach the masses to make money using video on Youtube as a medium. These companies want their videos on Youtube, and they are looking for as many video uploaders as they can get to spread their message as much as possible by getting as many video views, traffic to their websites and free adverting as possible.

These multi-million dollar companies already have advertising budgets that spend billions on many different types advertising campaigns like bill boards, TV ads and online advertising but they are finding it cheaper to pay people to upload their videos to Youtube and getting much better results than the old ways of traditional advertising which are so expensive with limited returns on investment.

This new video system is very advanced while very simple to use so that anybody without any knowledge or experience can begin using it straight away. It provides everything needed from specialized software to automate every step of the process to extensive training videos that teach every step of of how to make money online by uploading videos, there is also an excellent support system and forum to interact with other members and answer any questions one may have.

There are 3 simple steps to the system in order to make money from Youtube videos.

1. Create an account

Visit and create an account, once a member and logged into the account one can browse through the database of tens of thousands of online companies that want people to upload videos for them. These companies are organized by category as well as by how much money they will pay to upload videos to Youtube. Simply choose the companies to promote by the desired category or niche or choose from companies that will to pay the most.

2. Upload Videos to Youtube

After choosing which companies videos to promote, with the special software provided just download their videos and simply upload them to Youtube. Once the videos are uploaded to Youtube, just use the top secret techniques taught in the video tutorials that will to bring a ton of viewers flooding to these videos. The more views the videos get, the more money can be made.

3. Get Paid

The final step is to get paid. Simply choose whether to be paid via check, or direct deposit and once set up for payment earnings will be sent out every Wednesday by the trusted payment processor that has already sent over 2 billion dollars in payments to people around the world.

This website is so hot right now and fast becoming one of the most poplar sites on the internet because they have created an opportunity where finally anybody with a computer can easily earn an income online from home without any expertise or having to meet any requirements by simply doing what they are doing all day anyway namely uploading videos to Youtube.

To create an account and get paid to upload videos to Youtube simply use the link below to get started.

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