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Software Development Resouce Company is aimed at development of different useful tools and software applications that help PC users enjoy their favorite music and videos. One of these helpful tools is Youtube to MP4 converter that is offered free of charge, so that people could download their favorite Youtube videos and watch them offline in MP4 format on their own computers.


Salem, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2014 -- SoftDevResource Company offers their customers to make use of their free YouTube to MP4 converter that is a valuable program for computer users. It helps them visit their favorite YouTube video only once and download it to their computer. This amazing tool converts the file in MP4 format, which enables users to watch it whenever they wish without the need to go back at YouTube.

This free tool is of a whole value for active YouTube users who enjoy watching videos on a regular basis. The YouTube to MP4 converter will help them save time in searching for their favorite videos online and enjoy the selected videos even offline. The best news about this special application is that unlike many other converters, it is completely free, so people can take full advantage of it without having to pay money.

Currently, MP4 video format is widely used and takes the place of other video formats used formerly, so it is the one that is most preferred by consumers. MP4 format ensures high quality of the streaming and can deal with advance decoding technologies. In addition, the MP4 video format has a quality equal to that of a DVD content, but the file size is much smaller, i.e. more convenient to store and use.

SoftDevResource Company ensures its customers that the video quality will not be affected by the conversion from Youtube to MP4. Regardless of the file size, the quality will remain as good as in the original file.

All media players these days support and play MP4 files, while not all of them play other kinds of formats, used a short time ago. Since the updates and changes in technology are rapid, making some of the tools and software used before out-of-date, people who choose YouTube to MP4 converter will take advantage of the most modern technologies and enjoy their videos at best quality.

An additional great benefit of using MP4 converter is that it helps people save lots of their disk space, as the size of MP4 files are much smaller than other formats like AVI. So the users will have space for much more of the favorite videos in their hard drive without the need to delete some of them in order to download more.

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