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YouTubetoMP3x.com Explains the Process of Downloading and Converting YouTube Clips to MP3


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/29/2012 -- YouTube fans that want to download their favorite videos from YouTube to mp3 can now learn everything they need to know from YouTubetoMP3x.com. The blog Website provides detailed articles on the background, tools and where to obtain a YouTube to mp3 downloader and converter for free.

It seems as though the entire online world spends countless hours on YouTube finding favorite video clips, new music and everything under the sun. Unfortunately, as people find the clips that become their favorites, they are forced to continually return to YouTube to view it. Now, an intrepid soul has brought all of the information and background on the process of converting clips from YouTube to mp3 together on the blog Website YouTubetoMP3x.com.

In addition to everything anyone needs to know about converting YouTube clips to mp3, the Website founder shares the best YouTube to mp3 converter on the market for free—Video Download Pro. “I did extensive research on the background of YouTube, mp3s and YouTube to mp3 converters and then tested the best and worst converters that were available online,” said the YouTubetoMP3x.com blog founder. “It seemed natural to pull all of the information and access to Video Download Pro together into a Website so that people could learn everything they needed to know and get a great converter for free.”

The blog founder gives detailed information on the many ways that the converter can be used in addition to downloading full clips, such as just saving the audio from a clip. This allows users to save their favorite movie soundtracks to mp3, CD or hard drive that were never released independently from the movie. “Many schools have now adopted this method of getting data for their visually impaired students and it has been of great value in the classroom,” said the blog founder.

The Website discusses the pros and cons of the many desktop software programs that are available for download as well as the online Web applications. “We have a lot of information about audio converters in the articles on this Website and we update the pages frequently to reflect new converters and downloading programs that become available.” For more information, please visit http://youtubetomp3x.com/

About YouTubetoMP3x.com
The personal blog is written and edited by its founder to provide information about the process of downloading and converting favorite YouTube clips from YouTube to mp3 format. The Website gives detailed information on finding converters and downloaders online as well as the pros and cons of desktop software and online applications. In addition, the blog founder makes a superior downloader and converter available for download from the Website for free.