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Yria Dane: Gripping New Mystery Novel Embroils Readers in Cat-and-Mouse Race Across France, Leading to Deadly Curse

Julien Kade’s ‘Yria Dane’ whisks readers off to south-eastern France as a father does all he can to track and bring home Ambrielle, his estranging daughter. Ambrielle has other ideas and, while fleeing to escape the man her father has hired to find her, uncovers a strange box at the house of a distant cousin. Readers will need all of their tenacity and wit to survive, as the box contains a letter, a curse and an intricate mystery that will see Ambrielle’s family start to drop like flies.


Whiting, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/03/2014 -- While the mystery genre has long been a staple of the literary world, readers and critics alike are currently crying out for wholly-unique new narratives that don’t succumb to recycling of the ‘same-old’ concepts. Thankfully, Julien Kade has stepped up to the plate with gusto; announcing an upcoming novel that is anything but conventional.

‘Yria Dane’ was intentionally written to remove its audience from their usual passive role, and compel them to think deeply in order to keep the narrative flowing. There’s heaps of misdirection and potential untruths, leaving readers in charge of figuring out who and what they can really believe.


Annecy, France, 1952. Satordi Biertempfel is hired by Haulmier Guloe to track and bring home his daughter, Ambrielle. Satordi finds Ambrielle in Grenoble, but she has a very different account of what led her to run away. She accuses her father of forcing her into prostitution.

Alarmed by her version of events, Satordi puts off bringing Ambrielle back home. However, when he tells Guloe of his decision, Guloe convincingly accuses his daughter of lying as well as prostitution.

Satordi travels back to Grenoble to confront Ambrielle and this time bring her home. But she becomes aware of his ongoing pursuit and flees to Bordeaux to stay with distant relatives. In Bordeaux Ambrielle's cousin, Pensee, discovers a box in her house which has unusual contents: a letter of instruction, and poems about Yria Dane, who was murdered in 1941. The instructions are for an invocation, to which, summons Yria.

Innocently, the cousins follow the instructions in the box only to discover that people in their family’s bloodline start to die. Meanwhile, Satordi catches up to Ambrielle, and being concerned for her safety, he is convinced to hold off taking her back to her father until this mystery is resolved.

“Everyone loves classic British mysteries and the like, but the genre has become somewhat stagnant of late. I’ve devised this creative new concept to give readers an active role in the adventure and involve them to the point where they can actually lead the story,” explains Kade. “The conclusions they form in each chapter will mold how they perceive the story as it progresses.”

Continuing, “You don’t see too many mysteries set in France, a country with a certain enigma that adds to the mystery elements. When readers are not fully integrated and perhaps don’t fully understand the culture in a story, their mind has to work solidly to stay on top of the action; that’s the entire ethos behind the book.”

This page-turning adventure will be keeping lights on well into the night and, with Kade planning more books, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible after launch.

‘Yria Dane’, from Mill City Press, is due for imminent release.

About Julien Kade
Julien Kade is an American author of mystery, suspense, and horror.