Yugster Daily Deals Announces Their New Yug Rewards for Even Steaper Discounts

Yugster now has a new reward points program. The higher Yugpoints, the higher the discount on certain daily deals!


Salt Lake City, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/03/2014 -- Beat the prices with the amazing deals on Yugster.com! So, without any circumlocution, lets explain what Yugster does and how it can benefit you all. Firstly, Yugster.com is a website that comes with daily deals at a jaw-dropping price. It sells those trendy stuffs which are almost needed by all. It comes up with new things on a daily basis. For example, a daily watch deal that would have cost you a fortune, can be bought at a price that you can never imagine! The basic formula of YUGster is “Yours Until Gone”. So, with the everyday deals coming up, you really need to hurry before someone else takes the pleasure of owning.

Yugster now has a new reward points program. The higher Yugpoints, the higher discount!
The moment you sign up and start buying products, you get Yugpoints. The more you purchase, the better price you get. It is just like an icing on the cake.

-For every order you place, you get 100 points ad for every purchase you make on Sunday and Friday, you get 200 points. This is applicable only to the members. You can boost up your points when you confirm your email address too.
-Just when you register, you automatically get enrolled in the Yugpoints. The more you earn points, you will move up to a higher membership level. This will help you to get a whopping discount on every Deal Of The Day.
-For the diamond members, they will get a big red price which adds to an extra discount! The members who do not have sufficient Yugpoints will not be benefited with this.
-There are bronze, silver, gold, diamond and the blue diamond levels.

Yugster.com provides you worthy Deals On The Net. Every day you would get an offer on new products at 6am EST. The moment it sells its products, it is gone. All you have to do is register yourself with yugster and you would get emails regarding the new products on sale. You will get the opportunity to access special private offers that will not be found on the website. For the members, they have some stuffs like Plugster's Junk Box, specials on Friday and YugDowns. The occasional offers like Facebook specials, jewelry emails and Free items in the contest will be available.

What makes Yugster.com so special among various folks? The first thing that makes Yugster special is the unique product they sell. And the second enticing thing is the price. Yugster offers the lowest price on the internet on the day it sells the products. This means that you will not get any similar item on the web at such a low price! Yugster.com lists the retail price of the product in order to compare it. This site aims at providing the best deals only on those products where the price can be lowered. Top branded items do not allow to lower the price unless there is a special occasion. So, the customers are not duped with the products offered.

So, to sum up, Yugster.com can gives their customers something more on every purchase made. It is a fun way to shop and a smart way manage our wallet! Yugster is based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, but they ship to the 48 continental states. Customers can receive daily deals to their inbox every morning by signing up for their daily deals email, or by Liking their Yugster Deals Facebook Page.