Yung Saintz's Valentine's Day Release Is Set to Bridge Gaps Between Music Lovers as Well as Change Industries Forever by Partnering with Miii Publishing

Yung Saintz’s latest project UNTOLD STORIES OF A CHURCHBOY is set to be released on Valentine’s Day February 14th 2013.


Toronto, Ontario -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/15/2013 -- Yung Saintz’s latest project UNTOLD STORIES OF A CHURCHBOY is set to be released on Valentine’s Day February 14th 2013. The unique hip hop duo set out to deliver music with a positive, inspirational message in in the most honest and open way. With solid roots in Christian faith and education, the duo started from the bottom and set out to touch on unspoken truths and taboos often seen growing up in the church. The inspiration for their next project was drawn from life experiences and trials many people share today. At present, Yung Saintz is planning to launch a project entitled EP: Untold Stories of a Churchboy. This project tells the true story of the Church Boy life, and will bridge gaps between music lovers and can possibly change industries forever.

The young artists behind this project have known each other for several years. With their connection and belief, they have exerted all their effort to make their upcoming project even more inspirational for all audiences. In their music, they explore topics that are often off-limits as they also break cultural and spiritual stereotype in an attempt to make their music more catchy and appealing for people even when they don’t share the same distinct backgrounds. Click here to see their latest video “Before I Got Saved”

Yung Saintz are considered a true budding international act. The duo’s new project features musicians from all over the world. They also explore different genres with features from Shereesha McIntyre, Double S from the Marvell Boys, Mzz Sarah G, Revived and a lot more. The best thing about their music is that it shows and tells real story that is often misunderstood. It conveys things that will make an average person aware of what similarities and differences he or she has with churchgoers.

UNTOLD STORIES OF A CHURCHBOY features popular artists and next up talent. Aside from the project’s official launch, the duo also has a tour this March. Yung Saintz ensures that their music will be appreciated by their supporters.

EP: Untold Stories of Churchboy is expected to get more supporters as the date of its launch approaches. With its unique music and featured artists, the audience will have a good time, according to the duo.

As of now, Yung Saintz are putting the finishing touches to ensure their audience gets music like they have never heard from the: UNTOLD STORIES OF A CHURCHBOY project with MIII. The duo is expecting that to music will bridge the gap between believers and non-believers in the Christian faith.

Interested readers who opt to hear their music or to know more about Yung Saintz can browse its page on YouTube, FaceBook and Twitter. The supporters of the duo can also visit to know more about their upcoming project.

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