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YV Marketing Launches a New Website for Promotional Umbrella


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/02/2015 -- Businesses these days can be seen to be exceptionally interested in getting involved with logo branding. A wide range of many companies are providing this for the purpose of helping businesses take care of all their promotional needs. Umbrella Supplier Malaysia is one of the most top notch suppliers of Umbrellas in the country for whole sale. The wholesalers are also currently offering two different types of umbrellas that are both unique in their own way. These types involve the 24 inch umbrellas as well as the 30 inch golf umbrellas and the best part is the fact that these are available in all kinds of colors as well as styles and designs for that matter.

The importers of wholesale umbrellas in Malaysia have been around since quite some time now and are operating on a high end level that has allowed them to acquire countless customers from all over the globe. What separates these umbrellas from the other ones is that they are manufactured by using the most high quality ingredients that ensure ultimate reliability as well as strong build. At the moment, a brand new site has been set up by YV Marketing, for the convenience of people who are interested in buying these new umbrellas that are available at wholesale prices for everyone.

The website features a wide range of umbrellas in many different colors as well as styles and individuals are able to see that the site also offers a personalization option. This includes logo branding for marketing reasons, one of the most essential things for both new and existing businesses. YV Marketing are well-known for being able to provide not only one but many high end types and styles of umbrellas that really are a sight to behold due to their high quality and impressive appearance.

After the logo printing has been carried out, these umbrellas are fit to be used by all kinds of businesses for marketing purposes whenever they want or prefer. An important thing to know is that umbrellas with promotional and brand logos are known to make the perfect gifts, which is precisely why checking them out at has been highly recommended to everyone.

About YV Marketing
YV Marketing is the current most well-known provider of umbrellas on wholesale prices within Malaysia. They also provide logo branding by offering logo printing on these very umbrellas for people and businesses who wish to use them for marketing reasons.

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