Zakat Inspired

Zakat Charity Is a Project for Local Zakat Collection and Allocation in New Jersey and Countrywide.

The Zakat distribution policy is reviewed thoroughly and approved by the Zakat Executive Council.


Passaic, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2013 -- A lot is said about the religions and the good deeds that one can do while being related to them in a lot many ways. Islam has always been devoted to the well being. Inspired by the source and pure deed from it, Zakat charity has been started with a vision to create a project that could be used for local zakat collection. The collected money could then be used for distributing in local New Jersey region and also all over the country. The portal also allows and urges as many individuals and institutions as possible to get relieved of their zakat obligations. One can do so by paying with open heart in a straight line to Zakat charity.

Zakat Inspired also makes sure that all the funds collected go for the best causes in the country and helps the needy most! All this is pure accordance with tradition created by Prophet Muhammad, which says that the poor people of the society must get benefitted from the well-to-do of that community. It also ensures that total transparency and accountability is held at every step so that any one never misuses the funds by zakat pay zakat. But it must do the main aim of helping the poor and the needy.

About Zakat Inspired is a beneficial project started for the community in the local region of New Jersey as well as all over the US. Individuals and institutions are allowed to zakat pay zakat collection and the charity then distributes them among the needy ones. One can also get relieved by zakat obligations by paying their contributing directly to Zakat Inspired. The charity also makes sure that each and every penny collected is distributed in firm accordance with customary Islamic laws. The policy related to Zakat is also backed by a lot of local as well as national scholars in the country.

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