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Bend, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/18/2015 --, a company that works as a subsidiary to Amazon provides many services and marketing strategies related to Amazon. Providing the links to the products available on Amazon on their website with excellent search engine optimization is their main role.

Keeping up with the fast pace world everything has become electronic. Be it the concrete things or abstract phenomena. For the same cause electronic shopping has become people's concern in today's world. People are more interested in shopping while staying at home with a single finger touch or mouse-click and save their time in travelling. The U.S based electronic shopping service provider is one of the internationally acclaimed online company. Providing shipping service to a larger part of the world, it has different dealer websites for many countries. From books to DVD's and from furniture to food and anything that one may need is available at

Be it becoming a vendor or a seller, Amazon is there to support one's cause. Their Amazon Vendor Central (AVC) and Amazon Seller Central program has all the solution in this case. The Vendor central service could be used by anyone who wants to sell their products in bulk via Amazon. Its easy to manage and maintain and many suppliers through Amazon got their first purchase order the same day they signed up for the Amazon vendor express account.

However, Amazon Selling Central (ASC) is the web portal used by the sellers. It's a direct marketplace to get the desired objects. The term third-party seller is used for ASC, while the AVC could be called the first-party seller. Amazon also gives out the chance to the partners and associates to advertise their products through Amazon A+ Content service. Through the well designed A+ pages the consumers may get a better idea and clearer picture of the product they are going to buy and so, confidently click the buy button.

About Zanoma
Zanoma is as useful for a buyer as well as for a vendor. It provides equal opportunity for an executive firm, home based business runner or even an advertiser group. Amazon earns by the small percentage of the profit sharing of the goods that are reached to the customers through them. Many of its trades are done through the third-party sellers who sell or advertise their products on the website by referring the consumers to Amazon by putting the links to on their websites. Due to the said reason it has become the second most popular advertising agency after Google Ads.

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