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Zaoetry Presents: Darsis - Dark & Insightful Novel Demonstrates True Value of Life, Through Mind of Disturbed Hermaphrodite Teenager

Masterfully crafted by Canada’s Louis Justin, ‘Zaoetry Presents: Darsis’ explores themes of love, death, mental illness and how forces beyond conscious recognition could be humanity’s great savior. Protagonist Scotia is a teenage hermaphrodite who struggles with the prison her own mind has created. Many come along to offer a way out, but only readers will discover her true fate.


Edmonton, AB -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/29/2014 -- Growing up isn’t easy for any teenager, with short-term gain often taking priority over the wider maturity process. In a compelling new novel by Louis Justin, one young girl’s coming-of-age is depicted alongside a slew of struggles that many will never face.

‘Zaoetry Presents: Darsis’ is about as unique as fiction comes. Fusing a gripping and dark narrative with a bold reminder of life’s true value, Justin’s creation will benefit anyone who understands the true meaning of adversity.


You are about to walk inside the explicit mind of a teenager, Scotia, a hermaphrodite who suffers from mental illness. Her schizophrenia is characterized by abnormal social behavior, and her failure to recognize what is real and what is dangerous.

Scotia lives a life of mental tragedy in which she faces constant abuse by her stepfather, her classmates, and the spirits that haunt her for favors. Scotia's world is a ticking time bomb, but she finds comfort in the hands of her best friend, Darsis, an entity over one hundred years old. Darsis embodies Death in the form of a child. He tells Scotia that she is the heir to a life of a cupid, and together they exemplify Love and Death.

Dr. Moss is Scotia's guidance counselor and inner mentor. She must act fast to help Scotia escape what is holding her a mental hostage from normality. Love or hate her, you are about to view Scotia's life from the mirror, even as she cries out from her mental world for help.
The mind would ruin herself in the process, as long as it demolishes the mental hostage.

So dive deep, because there will be flood, there will be blood, and the deuce-ace wise men will come at us with vengeance.

“This novel holds nothing back in depicting the harrowing ferocity of Scotia’s life,” admits Justin. “She struggles with so much, yet finds solace in places she can’t explain to others. She seeks help in both conventional and off-the-wall ways, as she scrambles to keep her life together before it ultimately destroys her.”

Continuing, “The over-riding message here is one of hope and the true value of life. There is always a way out of pain but you may have to look in strange places to find it. If you like intricate and intense novels that will cause you to turn the last page with sweaty palms and a racing mind – then this is for you!”

‘Zaoetry Presents: Darsis’ is available now, from all retailers.

ISBN-10: 1625169442
ISBN-13: 978-1625169440

About Louis Justin
“I am a prisoner of my own domain, challenging every pain and frame them on my walls, outside an ole lady sings the blues, while her husband plays the cues. Both catching the leaves falling through their hats from the stuttering breeze, perhaps father and mother earth need to plead more to the heart of the hard cores”