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Zara Wigs Now Offers at-Home Consultations to Ease the Apprehensions of First-Time Wig Owners


Richmond, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/05/2013 -- You’ve done your homework and you know just what you are looking for in your first wig, but are still a bit apprehensive about buying over the Internet.  What if the wig doesn’t fit?  What if I hate the style?  What if the color is off? Now you can ease your fears with Zara Wigs, a leading retailer of gorgeous, handmade, lace-front wigs for all ethnicities, who just introduced their first at-home consultations in the Southern California area.

Zara Wigs is seeking a new consultant for the Southern California region.  Meeting with a consultant eliminates the intimidation and uncertainty that can come along with purchasing a wig sight-unseen and leaves the client feeling good about their wig purchase.

Upon scheduling an appointment with a full lace wig consultant, the client will be able to:

View a selection of Zara Wigs in order to select the best wig style that meet your personal needs;

View a complete color ring, to create a wig color palette that compliments your natural skin tone;

View a lace chart in order to see the difference between the variety of lace options, including: French, Swiss, Thin Skin, etc.;

Obtain a complete and through measuring to ensure the correct size of the wig you are about to purchase;

Expert advice on the best combination of length, color and texture to achieve your desired look;

Learn how to correctly apply your wig by a professional and learn about proper wig care and maintenance.

Zara Wigs are available in different styles and textures: Bodywave, Deep Wavy, Tight Wavy, Wavy Curl, Malaysian Texture (thick and straight) and Kinky Curly, and are ideal for women with thin or thinning hair, women who are experiencing hair loss and women who just want to experience a new look without taking a permanent plunge.

For each appointment made a non-refundable fee will be charged that will then be applied towards the wig purchase.

For more information or to make a purchase, please visit

Contact: Zara Wigs