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Zazzle Produced Wacky 'Meontee' T-Shirt's Unique Marketing Strategy


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2013 --, a website which lets users build their own cartoon face custom T-Shirts, is starting a marketing plan to try and promote their crazy designs. In an attempt to promote these unique designs, Meontee is prepared to send pre-made custom T-Shirts to a range of public figures and celebrities.

Their website lets users create a custom styled face by using a Flash generator application. Once the user is happy the design, they can then be ordered on a range of T-Shirts. Text with varying fonts can also be added. Order processing, printing, customer service and delivery is then provided by Zazzle.

Using the T-shirt itself as a marketing tool, MeonTee are planning to build and order numerous custom made T-shirts themselves to be given to any public figure which may generate more exposure.

Adam Baily, a developer of simply said:

"We are trying to get the word out about these great designs, if anyone celeb is interested in a free meontee please get in touch! The response has been great so far, people love the designs but people need a kick up the backside. I mean, if somebody wants a pint of milk they will buy one. However, getting somebody to make a Meontee is a different story. It's not until you have sat down and created the design, that you realize you really admire it".

Users can create an avatar which looks totally unique and gives an unusual yet quality look. The designs are eye catching and would be suitable for parties or any novelty occasion. A cartoon look alike could be generated of yourself, or a representation of a friend or family with a custom message could be made.

Meontee stems from its sister site Create My Avatar, an avatar generator which allows users to create an avatar. At a custom T-Shirt can be generated from around $15.