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zbode's (TM) Click to Order DDoS Protection Now Available in the US


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2014 -- zbode, a leading provider of powerful DDoS Protection backed by superior support, has expanded their offerings to the United States.

Without the installation of hardware or software, zbode protects websites from network and application level Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Effectively protecting reputation, brand, and ensuring online accessibility, websites are routed through zbode DDoS Protection by the adjustment of a single DNS record.

“We made a promise that we would always learn, advance, and introduce innovative techniques to stop DDoS with anti DDoS,” said John Larsen, Chief Executive Officer with zbode. “Our expansion is yet another way that we are delivering on that promise - taking our powerful DDoS Protection with granular level filtering, once only available in Europe, to the United States.”

Websites and applications that operate within the advertised resource capacity can take advantage of zbode’s transparent solution to DDoS attacks. While game and Minecraft server operators can provide a highly available, safe, and DDoS-free gaming experience.

GuardPanel(TM), an exclusive panel included in every order, provides several beneficial features, such as on-demand routing updates and custom configuration settings. Most of all, it enables easy setup and click to order DDoS protection.

“Just because DDoS protection is complex, doesn't mean buying and setting up DDoS protection has to be,” said Darshin Shah, Security Analyst with zbode. Our remote DDoS mitigation is compatible with any web host and doesn’t require the installation of hardware or software. Plus, our shared and VPS hosting solutions automatically mitigate all DDoS attacks.”

To learn more about zbode please visit http://zbode.com

For more information, please contact information@zbode.com

About zbode
zbode is where powerful protection and superior support intertwine. Offering protected hosting solutions and security based professional services, zbode strives to be at the forefront of customer satisfaction. Backed by JavaPipe, a leading provider in web hosting and security solutions, zbode adopts proven stability, service of the utmost quality, and virtuous intention.