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Zeagler Farms Introduces New Driftwood Style Wide Plank Pine Flooring


Sylvania, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2014 -- The greatest advantage of wooden floors is that, if done right, they can last for years, even decades. In fact, with regular maintenance, wooden floors can actually look better than they looked when they were originally installed. However, people who want to install wooden floors instead of carpets will have to make sure that they pick a manufacturing company that knows what it is doing. The biggest drawback with large firms is that they tend to have little control over their quality standards as they outsource much of their work. Their greatest flaw is Zeagler Farms’ biggest strength; the manager-owner of the farm personally participates in producing perfect wood for wide plank flooring for his customers’ houses. He acts as the overseer who is actually present at the time when the wood is being handcrafted into wide plank flooring and he also participates in the process. The only task that is outsourced is the actual felling of the trees that Mr. Zeagler personally selects. There are five different styles that people can purchase; the old world style ($8.5 per square foot), the rustic style ($6.5 per square foot), the wire brushed flooring ($8 per square foot), the driftwood look ($8 per square foot) and lastly, the oyster shell flooring style ($8 per square foot).

Zeagler Farms realizes that their customers might not be able to afford wood that is too expensive and yet they still want floors that will look good and will last for a long period of time. So, the management has decided to use Southern Yellow Pine to accommodate both the desires of their customer base. This type of pine can refer to a number of different species that are not too expensive, yet last for quite a long period of time. It is nearly twice as hard as white pine, and nearly as hard as some hardwoods. All styles use either tongue and groove or shiplap to hold the planks in place.

The firm that began with a simple remodeling project has now risen to become one of the wide plank floor producing artists in the area and they hope to continue to please all their customers with their efforts. Some of America’s finest homes have wide plank flooring from Zeagler Farms.

About Zeagler Farms Flooring
Zeagler Farms Flooring offers five different kinds of wooden flooring panels for the customers. The team is committed towards providing their customers with a personalized experience.

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