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Zeek Rewards: A Different Approach to Affiliate Marketing


Lexington, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/03/2012 -- Zeek Rewards, the affiliate program for the successful penny auction site Zeekler, is attracting widespread attention for its novel approach. It begins with an active affiliate program through which members, using a soft-sell approach of online ad placement, drive traffic to the main auction site. A commission is earned for each new member that is brought on. But that’s not the only way in which affiliates can earn cash.

What makes Zeek Rewards stand out is that members are also provided with their own, dedicated eCommerce retail shops. The shop is managed by Zeekler, and the profit is given to the affiliate. This way, the affiliate doesn’t need to maintain a website of his or her own, as is the case with many other programs.

There are four different zeekreward subscription levels available, each with an increasing amount of incentives and rewards. A tiered matrix is formed as affiliates bring in new members, with a percentage commission earned up the line, within a given subscription level.

Another way that Zeek Rewards is different from other affiliate programs is that it takes itself seriously as a business opportunity. The professional development of the sales force is a priority, as shown by the nightly opportunity calls and weekly leadership calls that are offered to members. Rewards is a fully realized business, not just a way for Zeekler to market itself.

Affiliates are highly satisfied with the results they’ve obtained using the zeekreward program. Many have reported earnings of 500 to 10,000 dollars a month, with a small daily commitment. They appreciate being treated as respected members of the Zeekler team and speak well of the support that they have been given.

Although penny auction sites are often seen as shady, and at worst as full-on scams, this isn’t always the case. Watchdog site PennyBurners has endorsed Zeekler, saying, “They are dedicated to providing an honest penny auction site and they offer some exciting features that you can't find everywhere else. We have verified their site legitimacy and feel comfortable telling our users they can safely spend their money at Zeekler.com.”

In September, 2011, Zeekler acquired the failed auction site iTicketBid, and promptly honored all outstanding debts of the organization, further establishing Zeekler’s reputation for honest dealings.

About Zeek Rewards:
Zeekler is a subsidiary of Rex Venture Group, LLC, a 14 year old, debt-free company. Both the Zeekler and Zeek Rewards sites are straightforward, providing complete information and full disclosure about all fees and charges. Customer service has been rated highly and has been described as friendly and prompt. Zeekler’s home office is located at 803 West Center St., Lexington, NC 27292. Contact David Garn at 435-840-1673 or davidgarn1@gmail.com