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Zelza Zero: Debut Book from Children's Aspirational Lifestyle Brand Reinforces Vital Place Value Among Young Readers

While children around the world already know Zelza Zero from the lovable character’s introduction clip on YouTube and her website, the ‘little zero’ makes her publishing debut in the recently-released ‘Worthless’.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/08/2014 -- Having already conquered North America and Asia with a truly unique line of aspirational children’s entertainment products, Zelza Zero Entertainment is delighted to announce the launch of their debut book – ‘Zelza Zero: Worthless’.

The powerful illustrated children’s book complements the company’s existing games, merchandise, and upcoming animated television series. The company will also launch other products to help children recognize and explore their true worth, picking up basic math concepts during the process.

‘Worthless’ kick-starts an entire upcoming series of books featuring Zelza Zero, a character already resonating with children and families around the world.


"Worthless", the first in the series introduces Zelza Zero, a little zero that attends Digits Elementary School. She is the only zero at her school, and begins to wonder about her worth. Zelza and her classmates learn that everyone has value, no matter who they are. The book is 24 pages and was written by Andre Morgan and Jennifer Smith.

Help your child learn some basic math concepts through the charming children's books from Zelza Zero Entertainment LLC. Written for children three to seven years old, the books draw readers in with wonderful stories and expose them to basic math concepts.

The company’s CEO is confident that their brand completes the ‘missing link’ in today’s educational policies.

“Two things lack in the current system; the true fundamentals of basic math and also personal education to help young children develop vital self-worth and a sense of belonging. We’ve combined both into a powerful brand through our wholly-unique character, Zelza Zero,” says Osime.

Continuing, “This book offers children an invaluable opportunity to explore issues relating to bullying, teasing and the dangers of exclusion. By making a friend out of Zelza Zero, they’ll not only develop high self-esteem, but see the value in all people around the world. In terms of learning math, children will be exposed to basic fundamental concepts without feeling like they’re learning. It’s the perfect tie-in!”

Zelza Zero Entertainment has recently signed a television series co-production deal with South Korea's Neon Pumpkin, to produce ‘The Adventures of Zelza Zero & Friends™’.

“This deal is poised to expand our brand beyond our wildest dreams, adding to the popularity of our existing games and inspiring stationary. Therefore, it is perfect timing to bring our brand full-circle with the launch of the Zelza Zero book series. We want all children to learn that they’re a star – “No matter who they are,” Osime adds.

‘Zelza Zero: Worthless’ is available now on ZelzaZero.Com and on iTunes. Readers are also urged to keep up to date with the imminent launch of the series’ next two volumes – ‘Zelza Goes to the Mall’ and ‘The Test’ by getting on her list through the website.

For more information, visit: http://www.zelzazero.com.

About Zelza Zero Entertainment LLC
Zelza Zero Entertainment is a global children’s aspirational lifestyle brand. Our focus is on creating a kid-centric global brand through books, a television series, licensing and child friendly merchandise. Your children will be entertained by the various content from our company, deployed on various digital platforms.

We bring a unique sense of children's development through all of our content, and are especially gratified to see children play and learn from our various products. They learn from the stories we tell that every child is valuable, no matter who they are. We strive to make every child understand this simple concept.