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Zen Singing Bowls Announces Eagerly Awaited Expansion of Product Lines

New additions round out the company's offerings even more, putting the clear retail leader in fair-trade singing bowls even further ahead of the pack, Zen Singing Bowls reports


Lincoln, NE -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2014 -- Zen Singing Bowls, the world's leading supplier of handcrafted musical bowls intended for use with meditation and auditory therapy, announced the availability of several new products. Like the rest of the company's offerings, the new singing bowls combine use of fair trade craftsmanship and the most advanced available alloys in the production of thoroughly modern and impressively graceful new versions of these ancient Himalayan instruments. Founded in 2001, Zen Singing Bowls has since that time provided countless customers around the world with the company's uniquely beautiful and striking products.

"We're thrilled to announce the expansion of our BioConcert and Master Meditation series of products here at Zen Singing Bowls," company representative Jeff Howard said, "and we think our customers are going to find the new additions to be just as compelling as our previous offerings." Originally a product of the Tibetan strain of Buddhism, singing bowls have been used in the Himalayas for around 1000 years as a core part of the practice of that religion. Like the bronze bells they are derived from and resemble to an extent, the bowls produce clear, singing tones when properly struck with mallets or similar accessories. These rich, ringing notes are used for a variety of purposes, including as aids to meditation and as parts of larger musical productions that typically incorporate gongs and other percussive instruments.

The products offered by Zen Singing Bowls represent a modern-day elaboration of and improvement to the traditional Tibetan instruments they are based upon. Each bowl sold by the company makes use of precisely specified, proprietary, bronze-based alloys that are engineered to contribute most fruitfully to the richness of sound of the finished products. The company's commitment to using only fair trade labor means that the artisans who produce the bowls are compensated at levels that correspond to the undoubted skillfulness of their craftsmanship, allowing them to reap fulfilling, reliable livings from work that would otherwise, if commissioned by other companies, likely still leave them in poverty instead.

Zen Singing Bowls offers three distinct lines of products, each tuned for particular purposes. The Master Meditation series, to which two new bowls have just been added as part of the recent product line expansion, consists of bowls that have been designed in accordance with the advice of Tibetan masters of meditation to be most productive when used as an aid in that practice. The bowls of the BioConcert series, which has also been expanded, are designed for use in organized meditation and other more group-oriented settings. Finally, the bowls of the Therapeutic series have been optimized to deliver the greatest possible effects when deployed as part of therapeutic sound massage and similar activities.

All of the company's products, including the newly added ones, are described and pictured thoroughly at zensingingbowls.com, where samples of the sounds produced by each bowl can also be heard. Those interested in acquiring singing bowls of their own, including the newly acquired and now in-stock additions, can also order directly from http://www.zensingingbowls.com/.

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The world's leading supplier of modern, fair trade singing bowls based on the ancient Himalayan instrument, Zen Singing Bowls has offered an unmatched selection of products and the industry's best customer service since opening in 2001.